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Welcome to the True Survivors story section. The stories are the heart of this organization. There are both stories by and about individual survivors of all kinds and survivor stories of well known people.

In addition is a CATEGORY section. As in types of survivors (Breast Cancer, Young Survivors, etc.)

So browse away! And if you have a story or know any - GO HERE

Stories Of Individual Survivors....
Alex - Cerebral Palsy Survivor
Alex shares his story and helps write for
Cerebral Palsy Guidance a group helping others dealing with Cerebral Palsy.

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor
     Bobby - Iraq War Burn Survivor
A great story of this gentleman's use of comedy to heal


Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
             Brenda - Brain Tumor
A short video has Brenda discussing her battle

     Brian - Brain Injury
An interesting video is on Brian's Parrot Foundation page describing his injury and how parrots helped him recover

Dana - Colon Cancer
Dana's informative story about colon cancer

     Dawn - Breast Cancer
A wonderful account of her fight with breast cancer

     Dawn, A Native American's Story
A great slew of stories about all of her treatments dealing with diabetes and breast cancer

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor
               Gabby- Breast Cancer
Great summary along with links to great info on breast cancer

Hamid- Survivor Of A Very Rare Cancer
Hamid's descprition of the very rare cancer he has faced is interesting and inspiring

     Hubert "Ed" - Quadruple Amputee, Korean War
A touching tale of survival of horrible injuries...with a love story

     Jonathan - Hero Soldier's Bomb Injury In Iraq
Jonathan's recovery is amazing

     Karen - Ovarian Cancer
A great telling of all her treatments and recovery

Katherine - Mesothelioma
Katherine discusses her incredible battle with Mesothelioma, a very tough disease to beat, "...and I decided I could beat this disease against all odds. Here I am, nine years later, hoping that you too will find it in you to see that you can still live a positive, healthy life, despite the average mesothelioma survival rate..."

          Katy - Breast Cancer
Katy relates how as a great athlete & non smoker she never expected cancer of any kind. She learned that breast cancer can hit anyone and encourages checking yourself out

Larkin - Brain Injury
A good account of restarting after a bad head injury

     Leitha - Breast Cancer
A testament to the power of positive thinking

Lisa - Brain Tumor
Lisa's uplifting tale of overcoming is truly incredible

     Loretta - AIDS
Loretta shares her struggle and how she fought back

     Loretta - HPV/Cervical Cancer
A great story of Loretta overcoming HPV with the help of her husband. And her efforts to help more become survivors!
Matt - Brain Tumor
A short but hope filled tale

     Meredith - Brain Tumor
A great telling with lots of updates

Mickala - Serious Lung Damage
Mickala suffered from a mysteriously damaged lung, likely from a virus. Her hope and optmism were victorious


Nancy - Breast Cancer
Where Nancy's inspiration came from is a wonderful account

Natalie - Bone Cancer
An inspiring telling of Natalie's brutally tough battles but with a great outlook

Patrick Ivison - Paralysis

Skilled surfer who has been paralyzed since he was a baby walks again at high school graduation

Sharon - Breast Cancer

A great short, and to the point, description as well as urges to get checked often

Tammy - Breast & Liver Cancer

Tammy telling of her inspirational battles with breast & liver cancer and more

Thomas �TC� Maslin - Head Injury

A year from a very traumatic head injury. His wife and family's support is inspiring


Tom - Brain Tumor

A fantastic account with a timeline and updates

Warren - Iraq War Sniper Victim

A compelling account of a sniper attack and his recovery

Stories Of Well Known Survivors....

Christina Applegate - Breast Cancer
A short but informative account of her dealing with breast cancer

Kathy Bates - Ovarian Cancer
An excellent article discusses Kathy's fight and has many more wonderful links for info, etc.

Robert DeNiro - Prostrate Cancer
Quick overview of his dealing with prostrate cancer with links to others who have dealt with it as well

Michael Douglas - Throat Cancer
Douglas' fight with throat cancer

Michael J Fox - Parkinson's
Fox's story and info on Parkinson's and ways to help

Terri Garr - MS
A great place to find out about MS and Terri's fight with it

Gabrielle Giffords - Shooting Brain Injury
A truly inspiring tale of recovery and hope

Olivia Newton John - Breast Cancer
A quick summary of her breast cancer battle as well as a great interview

David Letterman - Heart Disease
Article is one recent to his heart disease and bypass surgery (in 2000) but still a good account

Sharon Osbourne - Colon Cancer
A short telling of Sharon's fight with colon cancer but has great links for more info

Robin Roberts - Breast Cancer
Great info on her fight against breast cancer. Her words say it best- �If stories of survival are not comforting, they will be in time. It�s okay to be selfish. Give yourself a break. Those of us who have been through it know that it is about you, and it�s okay.�

Rod Stewart - Oral Cancer
A quick overview of his cancer situation and a bio as well