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As we can see here and everywhere, survivors abound. And their stories can be amazing. However, each survivor will tell you that much of their achievement is due to help and support from others.

We all can help in our own way and one easy way is by going to one or all of these groups and learning about what they do. You can discover ways to help. You can volunteer; spread the word about them or donate.

Simply check out these sites for more info. And PLEASE submit any other groups/organizations that we may have overlooked or you feel need attention! This list is new and not even close to comprehensive and new ones will be added often.

Health Charities Network
A great collection of health charities

AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Information and ways to help the AIDS fight

Team Gleason -ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
An organization founded by former NFL player Steve Gleason who has ALS. Team Gleason's goal is to assist people dealing with ALS

A great source of info on ALS and ways you can help

American Foundation for the Blind
Ways to expand opportunities for the blind

Alzheimers Foundation of America
Care and Progress with the Alzheimers battle

Birth Injury Guide
A wealth of info on all kinds of birth injuries and ways you can help

Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community
A great organization that not only provides opportunities to help but educates on Bladder Exstrophy

Brain Injury Association of America
Information on brain injury and its effects
        Brain Injury Services
Additional information on brain injury and its effects
A great link to a woman name Kathy's story as well as other info and resources

National Brain Tumor Society
Wonderful information and ways to help out people facing one of the toughest cancers

Breast Cancer - Sisters4Prevention
Wonderful spot with excellent info and advice for anyone battling the disease

Bridle Paths - Innovative Trails to Connection
Bridle Paths provide therapeutic horseback riding instruction, equine-assisted learning, and equine-assisted psychotherapy services to individuals and families faced with physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional needs

Breast Cancer Society
Excellent testimonials and information

Cancer Prevention Coalition
Cancer care and prevention

American Cancer Society
More cancer resources and assistance here

Cerebral Palsy Guidance
gives really good overview info on how parents can get financial help for cerebral palsy

National Association of the Deaf
Links and info on helping the deaf

Career Resources For Americans With Disabilities
Excellent information and links to help start careers

Velvet Jobs - Employment Info For The Disabled
Great resources and opportunities for disabled employment seekers

International Rescue Committee
A fantastic organization that helps people and communities internationally

American Lung Association
Info on battles with lung disease

        MD Anderson Cancer Center
An excellent cancer treatment and research organization.

Mental Health, Addiction, and Retardation Organizations of America
Find out more about ways to fight mental illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness
More mental health information

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Info and resources here.

The Mesothelioma Center
Info and support for those affected by mesothelioma .

Asbestos in the Military
Mesothelioma affects on military personnel info and resources here

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
News and resources dealing with MS

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Data and info on the fight against MS

Polio - End Polio Now
Very informative about the modern battle against polio with great ways you can help

Power International, Disabilities in Developing Countries
Aiding the fight against disability in the developing world

Protect The Pecs
Wonderful organization that discusses male breast cancer with great testimony from the organizations founder Steve Del Gardo, who overcame the disease

Sisters In Survival - Ovarian Cancer
Info and assistance to ovarian cancer patients

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
A wonderful organization/hospital aimed to help children

Second Chance To Live
Excellent info and resources abut dealing with a traumatic brain injury

Stand Up To Cancer
Promotes efforts and groups fighting cancer

Veterans - Mesothelioma
A mission to provide info and resources to veterans facing mesothelioma