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Welcome to the Story Of The Month page of True Survivors. Here each month a great story (or a few) will be highlighted as well as great links for info/ways to help. This month is the first and below that entry are previous months' tales. They are all great. Enjoy!

February 2017 Stories

Actually a collection of stories about incredible folks thriving with blindness.


November 2016 Stories

Account of a soldier surviving in Iraq.


September 2016 Stories

Amazing tale of a woman surviving diabetes for over 80 years.


August 2016 Stories

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes physical and some mental disability. Those dealing with it are some of the bravest and most inspiring survivors of all. This month we highlight Noah & his parents great story-

June 2016 Stories

Liver diseases range from cancer & tumors to Hepatitis C and much more. Here is a short but great account of -
, a liver cancer survivor.

April 2016 Stories

True Survivors is highlighting childhood cancer survivors this month (Please check out the PAGE for the benefit we are sponsoring this month in Alexandria, VA)

And check out Connor's story, along with many others>>

February 2016 Stories

TBI (Traumatic Brian Injury) is very serious. Still, there are wonderful and even amazing accounts from incredible survivors. Such as this one -- HERE

January 2016 Stories

We are highlighting stories of MS survivors this month. Please check out all our videos and stories about MS but this is a good one-- HERE

December 2015 Stories

This month we are highlighting St. Jude Children's Cancer fight. Go HERE for some great stories!

October 2015 Stories

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so we have a bunch going. One, True Survivors is having its 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Benefit on October 17th in Alexandria, VA. Click on link for info if you can come!

Also our story of the month

Paula's fight with breast cancer.

Also the site her story is on breastlink has a wealth of great stories. And do not forget our small Breast Cancer Story Section.

Check it all out and hope to see you October 17th!

September 2015 Stories

September is Childhood Cancer month and we have several stories but here is a great one-


August 2015 Stories

August is a very popular beach month. Many travel to enjoy the shore & surf! And yes there are many excellent survival stories related to the beach. Surfing accidents, swimming troubles, potential drownings and of course - attacks! Can be several entities that may attack a person in the ocean but obviously sharks are the most infamous of those. Check out this story of a young lad, Sebastian's encounter and the uncanny similarity to his father - Click >>

July 2015 Stories

This month seeing as True Survivors is highlighting well known survivors of history, a nice site with tales of famous survivors of the holocaust. Indeed, a horrific event in human history but still those who survived the physical and mental abuse are literally Click >> True Survivors

June 2015 Stories

We have another focus on diabetes survivors this month. There is a wealth of great stories at the American Heart Association site as well as Rashida's honest talk about the tough fight that comes with diabetes.


May 2015 Stories

A wonderful young one, Caden's story is a great account of a brave young boy facing a brain tumor. Also many other stories linked to his page.

April 2015 Stories

Since April is True Survivors - Trauma Injury month (See Benefit Show April 11th Alexandria, VA!) we highlight a trauma injury survivor here as well. And his wonderful 11 Foundation that aids brain injury survivors.

March 2015 Stories

Well, we missed February! But here in March we have a great bunch of unique stories relating to cancer survivors.

One, is a wonderful collection of stories at the American Cancer Society - 100 Stories of Hope

And an amazing recovery by retired U.S. Navy sailor Daniel Shockley, who faced a a whole slew of cancer battles

Robert's great account of a recent discovery of having cancer.

January 2015 Stories
To kick off 2015 we are highlighting stories of MS survivors. A small but growing group. Go to the below link for a wonderful story and much more -

MS Survivor Story

DECEMBER 2014 Stories
With December and holiday times we witness much joy and fun from young ones. Please check out this wonderful site that shows several stories of kids who are cancer survivors. Just click on the photo just below this paragraph. It is a boy named Anders. His and a wealth of other amazing children are on this webpage -

NOVEMBER 2014 Stories
Since November is the month of Veteran's Day we are highlighting stories about soldiers who are survivors. For our story of the month section we have two great ones-

Israel Del Toro, a veteran of the United States Air Force, talks about his horrible injury due to a roadside bomb. While is appearance is drastically changed his spirit and attitude are amazing.

Also, a short but excellent video report on two brothers who are overcoming war injuries.

SEPTEMBER 2014 Stories
A bit more highlighting of young survivors this month. Well very young survivors. We have a few wonderful links displayed here.

An excellent resource for individuals looking for help or those wanting to give help!
Wonderful story of Ashley Rutenberg, now an adult she discusses her battle against a cancer called hepatoblastoma when she was just 15 months old.
Yes September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Click here to go CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation, where they fund and support targeted and innovative children's cancer research.

And enjoy these two artistic video stories of some very young and true survivors.

MAY 2014 Stories

This month we look at Heart Transplant Survivors and the story of pro-golfer Erik Compton's two transplants is great. And check out the new category Heart Transplant Survivors.

APRIL 2014 Stories

Amputee's and their brave struggles are this month's highlight.

Here is one story from the new Amputee Category section, on Eunice

Also Disabled World has an article on famous amputees.

MARCH 2014 Stories

Since True Survivors is focusing on survivors of diabetes this month, we have the two videos about young ones with diabetes on the homepage as well as two links here:

Janet's telling of her handling diabetes is here-

... I have discovered what works for me. I make healthy food choices — my motto is I'm eating to survive — and I participate in a local walking club. I decided that I will control type 2 diabetes rather than letting it control me....

Also a link HERE to get a whole collection of accounts of bravery and determination in fighting diabetes.

FEBRUARY 2014 Stories

With February being Cancer Awareness Month, we have a wonderful tale of a young boy, Joseph's fight with cancer (Burkitt’s Lymphoma a cancer of the lymphatic system)-

He is amazing person who shares his story with everyone

A brief telling of his story but this site has many other tales- HERE

JANUARY 2014 Stories

This month, as True Survivors is highlighting the stories of young survivors, we have these three(3) accounts of young survivors.

Christina - Ewing's Sarcoma PNET

...Having and surviving cancer made me fall in love with medicine and gave me a passion for something. Being a doctor is my purpose…

A brief interview of Christina discusses her fight with Ewing's Sarcoma PNET at the age of 9.
Joey - Spinal Cord Injury

...We continue to be amazed at how he smiles and embraces his hardships with such a positive attitude. …

The story of Joey is filled with hardship and many surgeries, but his willpower and confidence are winning.(scroll down page past the Fight The Fight logo for story)
Melinda - Hodgkin Lymphoma

...Four rounds and 48 doses of chemo later, I emerged thrashed and worn, yet bald and proud…

Melinda gives a wonderful account of her encounter with Lympoma

DECEMBER 2013 Stories

This month we start with a great story of a woman's battle with ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease)


……We cannot yet cure ALS or prevent it or stop it, but modern management techniques and modern assistive technology now give us the possibility of surviving it with an active and satisfying life…..


This month and November we are highlighting a few survivor stories about members of the military. More stories and links to organizations related to military survivors will be added weekly all the way up to Veterans Day. As always feel free to submit any stories you may have/know about related to such! But here are our first ones-


A wonderful story of this gentleman's new found skill after a very serious injury in Iraq.

A sniper hit him bad but his attitude prevailed

Hubert "Ed"

A survivor's tale indeed but more a love story


A detailed tale of his wounding in Viet Nam and how he coped/is coping with it

Additionally, two video stories here-

Wounded Vets Meet Boston Marathon Survivors

Injured Soldier's Story

SEPTEMBER 2013 Stories

A link to a site with stories of survivors of September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks-

911 Stories

AUGUST 2013 Stories

Three highlighted individuals this month-

One, Jeff Bauman, the supremely courageous individual who was seriously injured at the Boston Marathon bombing. Two links here-

His own site, where you can support him-


Dennis & Callahan Interview Jeff Baumann

Also this month the story of Thomas “TC” Maslin- ,a year from a very traumatic head injury. His wife and family's support is inspiring. Text and video.

And Tammy Zukoski's telling of her inspirational battles with breast & liver cancer and more is a great story, just go to her Facebook page-

Previous Months' Stories-

This month a new link to a great video on a gentleman who is a homeless survivor. Often forgotten or ignored there are hundreds of thousands of homeless individuals just in this country who are all trying to survive. Check it out-


And the highlighted organization,The Carpenter's Shelter is a great place that always needs volunteers and donations. Check it out as well!

Lastly, here is an interesting STORYof a surviving soldier.