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Greetings story tellers! Right here is the foundation of True Survivors - Stories. Or more specifically sharing them. Whether you would like to share your story or just one you know of, you have a few options. You can email us via the email address listed just below this paragraph. Or use the form just below the address. Also anyone feel free to ask any questions or give any suggestions.

Note:If your browser has trouble using this email here or the form below, just copy and paste the address- - into the SEND field on your email program. And write any questions or info you would like. Thanks.

Or here is a form you can use to get your story started!
Enter Your Name:(Only first name required- if you prefer anonymity such is respected)

Your Email Address:

What are you Surviving from?(disease, injury, condition, etc....):

Do you have an online story? (Place address here)

If no online story yet and you would like one, just give a little bit more info about your surviving and we will we in touch to get more info/pics etc....