Heart Transplant Survivors

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...Shanah was near death when she got her implant; eight days later, she received a donor heart. Now her mother often has to scold her for doing one-handed cartwheels...

...There's so many chances of life that I have and this is the main one, and I get a whole new fresh start. I almost don't know where to begin...

"...my heart was failing quickly and I was given the opportunity to have a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implanted. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life!...."

...Since that second transplant, Erick�s golf career has gotten better and better. 2013 has been his most productive year but he had already amassed national recognition winning the Ben Hogan Award...


"...It was still quite an experimental operation and the doctors said that if I had a transplant they couldn�t promise me any more than five years. At that stage no one had survived for longer but I didn�t have to think twice. I wanted the chance to live and see my son grow up and get married...�


...In November 2010, Luke suffered a seizure so severe that he had to be resuscitated. He was rushed to Children�s and placed on the national heart donor list days later...

...Now, every six months, Mubarak must return to Children�s for a heart biopsy and evaluation by Children�s transplant cardiologists to ensure that he does not show any signs of rejecting his new heart...

...Have you ever met someone who had an organ transplant? In all of my 67 years I never met anyone who had undergone any kind of transplant surgery. ...

An inspiring tale of a girl recovering from a transplant and going to the prom.

A very short article but with great photos of little survivor's fire fighter dreams.