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Welcome to True Survivors' Childhood Cancer Survivor page. Since September is Childhood Cancer Month, we introduce this new part in September of 2015. Enjoy the below videos and below them links to other great stories and other info. Enjoy!

      Becky's Day....

With the sunlight breaching the blinds of her room
Her eyes were awoken...

Little Becky’s stay in this room and been full of lonely fear
But also encourages and smiles and jokes were spoken
As if they only wanted good things to reach her ear

Yet at times their looks were afraid, afraid of what comes next
Her eyes were aware of that despite her age of only 8...

Little Becky's body's strength was low after chemo and meds
But also fought off weakness to reach for the blinds
As if it was time to open up the light to these beds

Sunshine was a welcome add on to this somber place
Her eyes absorbed and shined for all....

Little Becky's face grew a wonderfully and warming smile
But not too much for her parents who just walked in
As if they all knew she was gonna stay awhile........