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Announcing True Survivors next benefit to raise money to fight childhood cancer. Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at O'Shaughnessy's Pub (1324 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314) starting at 6pm. EXCELLENT musicians!! No cover charge!!! Free snacks! Just voluntary donations to True Survivors that will all go to St. Jude's and CURE Childhood Cancer. Come out and enjoy some fun for kids!!


Thursday Theory

Lindsay Collette

The Blue Jinns

Jay Nixon


St. Jude's
CURE Childhood Cancer

Jimmy & Kelly

Another trip to the big white building today
Jimmy did not much like getting up with still no sun
But it was not that hard, since there was no other way
No other way to let Kelly know�know she is the one

The one that shines his day
Despite various spits and hair pulls between 'em....
She's the one whose light is a special ray

She can annoy, but there were smiles with her tricks
Yes as a sister she was not at all too bad
She was only four years old, not his mature six
But these hospital trips could truly make anybody feel sad

Said she had cancer of some kind
Jimmy could not really understand the name
Only wanted to reach out and find

Find some hope in a giant sea full of worries and fear
Maybe make her and mom and dad smile?
Now they each looked far off and not at all near
With soon to be surgery, they would all be here awhile....

Jimmy wanted to shine a light in this place
But how? What was the way to bring some sun?
Then luckily he recalled his funny face

The twist of his lips and puff of his cheeks with his tongue way out
Always made Kelly laugh, laugh away anything bad, as a matter of fact
He started the face with a yelp, ending all doubt
Any doubts that now was truly the time to act

At first Kelly was in a bit of a stun
Jimmy's old hilarious face was back
Quickly her startle transformed into smile filled fun

She grinned, then laughed and light came to her eyes
Jimmy as well as their parents and even a nurse next to the bed
All noticed and felt the feeling in the room was only on the rise
Finally Jimmy stopped the crazy distortions of his head....

Kelly's smile was a wonderful medicine, to her and to all
Making the dark welcome the light
Rising high, so high never again to fall......

         ...More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year...

...Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer...

...The average age of children diagnosed is six....

...There are approximately 375,000 adult survivors of children�s cancer in the United States.... on any of these pics to go True Survivors Stories page. More kids stories and many others...